Nearshore with Confidence: EOR Expertise in Mexico

Empower your organization with borderless hiring using our Nearshore Outsourcing Solution. Attract talent that aligns perfectly with your requirements and rely on our experienced team to oversee every aspect, from workforce administration and visibility to payroll, benefits, and compliance.

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Why Codifin

Our AI-driven platform streamlines talent sourcing (talent marketplace), development, and workforce management applying technology effectively to reduce pain points of the process.
Cost Efficiency
Hire Talent 5x Cheaper. 
Rapid Market Entry
Start operations in Mexico in less than a week.
Flexible Scaling
We adapt your workforce to market changes.
Industry Expertise
Avoid legal & regulatory complexes.
 Access to real-time GPS traceability & Al-based security shielding
Obtain monthly productivity analysis.
Work Tool Administration
Computers, office space, maintenance, monitors, repairs, and other tools.
Partner You Need
Seamless salary distribution

We take care of the full employee lifecycle

computadora team creation
Team creation
We attract, select and manage top candidates leveraging our AI Platform & automated selection processes.
computadora workforcre administration
Workforce administration
Collaborator data, security, productivity, evaluations, and seamless payroll admin.
computadora engagement
Workforce engagement
Boost productivity & development with our e-learning platform enabling retention.
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Frequently asked questions

Get to know about Codifin

What is an employer of record?

An Employer of Record serves as the designated employer in a foreign country, such as Mexico, eliminating the need for your company to establish a legal presence there. They guarantee compliance, oversee HR, payroll, statutory and optional benefits, and provide assistance with hiring and onboarding processes.

Who should use an employer of record in Mexico?

EOR in Mexico Simplifies Expansion for Nearshoring Businesses:

- Enables quick market entry without entity setup.
- Cost-effective alternative to legal entity formation.
- Ensures compliance with local labor and tax regulations.
- Ideal for startups, global companies, and short-term projects.
- Reduces administrative HR tasks, allowing businesses to focus on core activities.

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