What is the relevance of personnel selection within an organization?

March 30, 2023

The selection of personnel is a fundamental process to form a valuable, professional, and dedicated work team that successfully achieves the objectives of a company.

Companies conduct personnel selection processes to hire workers who meet their standards and with the most optimal profile for each job position as quickly and efficiently as possible; therefore, it is important that the process is performed rigorously with care, attention, and efficiency.

In this way, risks and future complications are avoided when making a poor or inadequate selection of personnel, which could generate internal and external problems for the company.

Among the main consequences of bad hiring are labor conflicts, deficiencies in the performance of people whose profile was not adequate for the job, deterioration of the work environment, high economic costs generated by constant staff turnover, the decrease in productivity, and the loss of time and quality in work processes.

CODIFIN: we innovate personnel selection with artificial intelligence.

The personnel selection process is part of business strategies and serves to determine who will occupy existing jobs in a company or business.

Through the selection of personnel, it is possible to choose the best candidates for each job position, since it serves to objectively determine which of the people who apply for a job vacancy will be able to perform the position in the most optimal way, based on their aptitudes, abilities, professional profile, and previous experience.

At CODIFIN, we have innovated the personnel selection process using artificial intelligence, focusing on the automated recruitment of people with the necessary potential to become highly specialized programmers with the aim of channeling the best profiles for the projects most similar to their abilities.

How does the CODIFIN selection, recruitment and training process work?

Our evaluation is based on more than 40 intelligence and personality indicators to ensure that each selected collaborator has the ideal profile for each project and has the necessary skills to become a first-rate programmer.

Through a rigorous selection process, we specialize in the selection, recruitment, and training of programmers with high potential to fill digital vacancies and boost the growth of the companies in which they join. Thanks to our system, programmers have the opportunity to take advantage of the best technology, boost their skills, and get the best digital jobs.

The importance of personnel selection

Carrying out a good selection of personnel will help to ensure that the most suitable candidates are those who perform in the right job position for their profile, which also contributes to reducing learning curves and optimizes the times set for compliance with the requirements. organization objectives.

An adequate selection of personnel is key to the success of a company, since it is its workforce that day after day performs the tasks that will determine its growth and development capacity. Having trained and motivated personnel to carry out from the smallest to the most complex tasks for the benefit of the company and in adherence to the objectives and institutional values is essential for any company.

The selection of personnel is crucial for workers to contribute positively to the organization and, at the same time, achieve personal satisfaction and professional development through their work, thereby retaining a qualified team capable of providing an added value to organizational performance.

5 recruitment goals

In order to have qualified, competent and reliable personnel, the selection of personnel in Human Resources requires the intervention of recruiters with experience and the ability to determine the most suitable profiles for the company through personnel selection techniques such as job interviews that include personal and work references.

A review of professional studies and professional experience can also be carried out, in addition to applying psychotechnical tests, through which it is possible to know and interpret the behaviors, capacities, values and abilities of each candidate nominated, among other procedures. 

These are five of the main objectives of personnel recruitment:

• Select the personnel with the best performance in the tasks of each job.

• Guarantee the hiring of a workforce with the capacity to meet institutional objectives.

• Create a good work environment by looking for profiles with values such as honesty, camaraderie, and leadership.

• Have employees related to the values of the organizations that can fulfill their dreams, objectives, and personal goals as part of their professional development in the company.

• Effectively delineate each job position and the most optimal profile to carry it out, considering relevant aspects such as a salary commensurate with the responsibilities and clarity regarding the tasks and schedules of each position from the moment of hiring.