We Seamlessly Build, Administer, and Develop Tech Teams in Mexico

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Codifin's AI-driven platform

It streamlines talent sourcing (talent marketplace), development,
and workforce management applying technology effectively to reduce pain points of the


Specialized profiles managed by Codifin yearly


 Golden Ratio: Outoff 3 candidates sent, 1 hired


Companies satisfaction (%)

Tailored Solutions

Your HR Tech Partner In México

Team Creation

We attract, select, and manage top candidates leveraging our AI Platform & automated selection processes.

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WorkForce Administration

Collaborator data, security, productivity, evaluations, and seamless payroll admin

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Work-Force Engagement

Boost productivity & development with our e-learning platform enabling retention.

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We do “nearsourcing”: IT as a Service

Transitioning US tech operations to Mexico reduces costs up to 3x without compromising quality.

Mexico offers cost-effective quality, lower labor costs, a large IT talent pool, a bilingual workforce, visa accessibility, engineering graduates, and time zone alignment.

  • 70% lower labor costsTalent pool of -1.5 million IT professionals, second in LATAM with over 900,000English-Spanish speakers.
  • Over 110,000 engineering students graduate every year.
  • Mexico is the leading B2 Visa issuer in LATAM with 700+ daily flights to/from the US
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Codifin is the first solution that covers the full employee lifecycle internally

  • Time of response
  • EOR in 2-3 1Days
  • Industry Expertise
  • Security and Transparency
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
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Codifin is the first solution that covers the full employee lifecycle internally

"With its talent generation program, Codifin helped us to fill vacancies immediately. The employees are highly trained and have exceeded our expectations"
logo hive team

Justo Sierra

"I can safely say it is the best option for training, they provide you with the resources and trainings so you can adapt and learn about IOS mobile development and FullStack development."
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Ricardo Omar

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