Workforce Engagement

Workforce Engagement: Developing and engaging your personnel - a key driver for growth

We ensure your productivity & success with a compromised team, using our e-learning platform that encourages the development & growth of each collaborator inside the company.

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E-learning Platform

To ensure that each individual has the required technical and soft-skill knowledge for each position in the company. Programs are backed by the STPS and have curricular weight. There is an assigned team to personalize programs for each client

Learning & Development

Continuous programs to ensure workforce engagement with development programs in their respective fields leveraging our strategic partnerships with leading e-learning partners and internal material that is adjusted to fit clients needs

Loyalty &  Recognition

Recognition & personalized loyalty programs that drive collaborators engagement with company including programmed internal feedback processes


Modules CodiAcademy

Codi Academy has various modules and courses that will allow for the more efficient organization of courses & material in order to optimize collaborator engagement

CoidiAcademy Evaluation


Clifton Strenghts

Assessment & performance-based tool that identifies specific strengths in
order to recommend best fit in company culture.


Trial Evaluations

Evaluations for hiring managers and peers are automatically triggered the
first 30, 60, 90 days to define performance and fit with the company.



NPS evaluations every two months that measure the company, projects
and areas.


360° Evaluation

360° Evaluations once a year which includes feedback from an employee'ssubordinates, peers, colleagues, and supervisor(s), as well as a self-
evaluation by the employee themselves.


Objetive KPI’s

Platform to define binary objectives (3 month, 6 month, 9 month a year)
that can be linked to bonus.


Employees come first. They will take care of clients!

Benefits of Workforce Engagement

Lower Turnover
Higher Productivity
Great Employee Commitment
Improved Collaboration
Increased  Revenue
Woman typing
Lower  Absenteeism
Team in office

Experts in organizational processes for IT outsourcing services

CODIFIN is a company endorsed by the STPS as a provider of specialized services and specialized works, in compliance with the new outsourcing reform.

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