Talent Development Specialist: We build & administer the ideal IT team you've been looking for!

We generate the specific team for the client's project by leveraging our headhunting and talent generation services as well as our rigorous selection process with interviews, language filters, integrity and technical evaluations and much more depending on each profile.

How does the process work?

Attraction Process
• Platform based on artificial intelligence, capable of  matching with thousands of  registered candidates  with  at least 75% match.
• Personalized Headhunting strategies to provide the  ideal candidates filling each  position in less than a  week.
• Specialized talent generation programs with our  association to top universities and  training programs.
Selection Process
• Based on personalized filters including technical, soft-skills and english interviews.
• Custom technical evaluations and reports.
• Automated integrity filters such as: weeks quoted with  IMSS, judicial power, credit  bureau, profile affinity  report among others.
Payroll administration
• Automated payroll administration platform
• Salary negotiations based on candidate trajectory and  market outlook
• Automated process of contract generation for each employee.
Work tool administration
• Onboarding process (virtual or on-site) that includes  Codifin accompaniment with  any legal issues, Q&A  sessions, welcome kit
• We provide and administer each collaborator with:  computer, monitors, repair,  maintenance services &  other work tools.

Which are the benefits of a talent development

Adaptation to clients openings volume

Size doesn't matter... we can cover your staffing needs.         

Time of response

Due to our AI platform we have the ability to cover any job profile in less than a week.

Focus on your core business

We take care of all the day to day HR activities and processes to reduce your workload for you to grow your company .

Instant access to the best talent

Al proporcionar un plan de crecimiento en la empresa y capacitación en habilidades necesarias para crecer los colaboradores son más propensos a quedarse.

Profiles that we manage

Full Stack

Front End: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Redux & React

Back End: SQL, PostgreSQL, REST, API, Node.js & Mongo DB

Lenguajes adicionales: JQuery, C++, .Net, Typescript, Angular.js Express.js, ASP.NET & others.

Data Scientist

SQL, Python, Python Pandas, Python Matplotlib & Seaborn Tableau, Herramientas de BI, R, Scala, Spark, Jupyter Notebooks

Computer Science

Python, Command Line, Git, Data Structures & PostgreSQL}


Swift, Xcode, Firebase, Alamofire, Cocoapods,  Objective C,  Flutter & Storyboard

Machine Learning/AI Engineer Career

Python, Machine Learning, Software Engineering, Algorithms, Pandas, scikit-learn, Git, Bash & Otros.


CCNA*: Networking Fundamentals, Network Access, IP Connectivity, IP Services, Security Fundamentals & Automation and programmability

CCNP*: CCNA abilities in addition to Core Networking & Advanced Routing

*Certified by CISCO Networking Academy

Ciber seguridad

Cyber Ops*: Monitor, detect, analyze, and respond to cybercrime, cyber espionage, insider threats, advanced persistent threats, regulatory requirements, and other cybersecurity issues facing organizations.

JavaScript, Node.js, Express.js, Sessions, Cookies, OAuth 2.0, SQL Injection, XSS, CSRF

*Certified by CISCO Networking Academy


Linux Essentials*: This professional trajectory will help you to gain an understanding of the open source and Linux industry and knowledge of the most popular open source applications; understand the main components of the Linux operating system and have the technical competence to work on the Linux command line; and have a basic understanding of security and administration-related topics, such as user/group management, command-line work, and permissions.

*Linux Professional Institute

Keep improving with our courses
Cloud computing
Web development
Mobile Development
Code fundamentals
Dev Ops
Cyber security

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