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Based on our personalized CRM platform we can ensure full visibility of collaborators availability, location, and security to understand each collaborators productivity as well as full profile evaluations and payroll administration

What is the specialized
head hunting process like?

Profile Survey and Market Scouting

Together with your team, we carry out a profile survey and market scouting of the profile to understand how the offer compares to the market and manage the appropriate strategy.

Custom head hunter strategies

We define a personalized strategy for each client where, by initially using AI on our platform (patent in process), we identify potential candidates in our programmers’ database given the profile survey.

If we are not able to fill all the job vacancies, we take into consideration different variables to carry out search processes in the appropriate channels and environments

We carry out the head hunter process and define the strategy in the appropriate channels.

Programmers Database
Social Media
Job Bank
University Liaisons

Selection and monitoring phase

To ensure that the candidates are honest about their information,
we apply the following filters:

Labor-related claims/suits
Virtual (Judiciary) Court
Listed weeks
Commute time
Soft-skills study

Help with a part of your process

Customize the options that suit your needs
Scouting de mercado
Market Scouting
Integrity Assessments
Hiring Follow-up
Profile Survey
Competency Assessments
Interviews and References
Technical Skills

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