Workforce visibility

Workforce visibility with Codihome: Delivering, intelligent solutions at scale

Based on our personalized CRM platform we can ensure full visibility of collaborators availability, location, and security to understand each collaborators productivity as well as full profile evaluations and payroll administration

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Productivity Analysis & Geo-Location

Real-time monitoring

Praxis Platform with GPS traceability that alerts if the equipment leaves the established area or is no longer in use.

Absolute Platform that measures performance in real time as well as the use of each device and the % of time in each application

Dedicated service desk to provide timely solutions

Monthly specific productivity report

Workforce administration

With visibility of details of each collaborators, reports, evaluations, contracts, calendar, vacation requests & others.

Automated Payroll

Considering incidences and other factors previously defined with the client

Automated Evaluations

Facilitates internal communication, and programmed evaluations such as 360, gallup, NPS etc. and show results in real time to drive immediate action


Security in BIOS with personalized and restricted profiles in our equipment

Absolute Platform that blocks equipment when it detects an alert due to software/hardware modification and/or handling of sensitive data

AI-based security shielding for processes with sensitive data

Work policies and protocols based on PCI DSS for business continuity

Permanent update of antivirus and security patches that avoid and prevent equipment vulnerability

Codifin isometric
Dashboard Overview
Profiles, equipment and office space (If needed), visibility, productivity analisis.
and real time automated payroll.


The different real time visualizations allows the leadership team to detect which areas are working more than others and rather to micromanage, it is a tool that helps migrate efforts to areas that are in risk of burning out

Productivity and active time

With each area director, specific programs are defined as productive (Python, gmail, slack, etc. ) in order to measure a
personalized productivity and active time for each area

Team pulse and

The dashboard allows to optimize specific periods of time for productivity
as well as real time activity

Transparency is what drives our business/ Transparency is key...

Weekly reports are generated with the summary of the payroll management as well as the security and availability of the equipment and programmers so that the client only has to worry about operating with the programmers during the trial period.

Experts in organizational processes for IT outsourcing services

CODIFIN is a company endorsed by the STPS as a provider of specialized services and specialized works, in compliance with the new outsourcing reform.

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