Our mission is to empower Mexican talent

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There is a vast universe of people in Mexico who have the profile and skills to become successful programmers.

Unfortunately, they have not had the opportunity to be equipped with the most advanced technology to compete for those digital jobs.

At CODIFIN we see it as our responsibility to invest in and empower all these people, to bridge those demand gaps in job vacancies and to try to limit –even a little– the inequality of opportunities in Mexico.

We belong to...

A private investment fund with assets in Mexico and North America, focused on technology, energy and education.

Contact centers with 7 locations in Mexico and Latin America, with around 4,000 employees.

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Equipping our employees for an increasing digital world

With social responsibility

With the acceleration of digital transformations in companies, employees without digital knowledge are left behind in job positions with lower growth and pay.

At CODIFIN, we select those who have the necessary skills and empower them to give them these opportunities they couldn’t access before. We see it as our mission to bridge the opportunity gap that is increasingly growing with digitalization in Mexico and Latin America.

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