Benefits of hiring IT talent in Mexico

December 13, 2023
Emilio Beteta

IT Recruitment in Mexico is a process designed to hire employees with specific skill sets in the information technology sector. When done effectively, this reduces employee turnover rates while also helping select profiles that align with your company values and culture.

Mexico boasts world-class universities that produce an abundance of talented software engineers and tech talent. Additionally, numerous acclaimed bootcamps exist that specialize in training developers to hone their craft. Companies involved in executive search and talent acquisition are increasingly turning to Mexico for hiring top talent in IT.

1. Great Talent Pool

Although Mexico is generally seen as a hub for IT outsourcing, it is actually performing extremely well in the global talent market. Boasting an annual output of more than 180,000 tech graduates and an explosion in informal education such as coding academies, companies have turned to Mexico in search of their next-generation software developers.

Keep this in mind as you search for candidates: The recruiting process here is enhanced by the feedback culture; Mexican software developers often rely on feedback after interview processes to make decisions on accepting offers with different companies. This may play a large part in their decision-making processes.

Most top candidates for IT jobs in Mexico have solid English language proficiency levels. Many have also taken advantage of COVID-19's pandemic to pursue flexible working arrangements, leading to an increase in remote work opportunities, often on a full-time basis.

If you are searching for software developers in Mexico, be sure to partner with an IT recruitment firm like Codifin[1]  that has local market expertise and experienced recruiters. Codifin [2] offers streamlined hiring procedures, extensive candidate networks, guarantees, case studies and client reviews; this way you can focus on finding your ideal software developer in less than a week guaranteed!

2. Ready for Nearshore Operations

Mexico stands out as an outstanding talent pool of skilled IT engineers and is now considered an undisputed world leader for software engineer outsourcing. Mexico also enjoys proximity to US markets, a thriving startup ecosystem and advantageous business environments - providing US businesses with an excellent nearshore option.

Proximity and aligned time zones facilitate real-time collaboration, which is particularly helpful for roles requiring constant communication. This helps streamline projects to achieve both high quality results and maximum efficiency.

Mexico places great emphasis on IT education and offers various tech-related incentives for businesses - such as scholarships for software engineers, tax benefits and entrepreneurial support - including scholarships.

These advantages of nearshore IT recruitment in Mexico make it a valuable source of skilled professionals for technology companies looking to scale without compromising quality or budget. By hiring Mexican developers, companies can gain access to an impressive pool of skills in software engineering, data science and more.

Establishing an office in Mexico can be an intimidating experience for foreign companies, which is why it is crucial to partner with a BPO agency that can guide you through its complex bureaucracy and quickly set up software development teams in an office like Codifin. Codifin has helped multiple clients set up its remote development teams in Mexico while also offering employment services such as payroll management, HR support and legal consultation.

3. Good Languages

Mexico, situated close to the US, boasts an enormous pool of talented software engineers. Most are native English speakers who help bridge cultural divides while communicating easily within teams. Experienced developers familiar with US companies can quickly adapt to new environments.

Mexico and other universities offer students the chance to take part in on-the-job coding bootcamps and gain practical experience, working alongside established multinationals, startups and consulting firms while honing their skills - something which could ultimately help them land more lucrative employment.

Mexico's most widely used programming languages are Python, Java, and ASP.NET; however there are other programming languages which may also prove valuable - for instance F# is a strongly typed language that supports functional-first design; its concise syntax supports type inference and makes it suitable for data science tasks as well as machine learning projects. LISP is another high-level programming language which has made a major contribution to Artificial Intelligence systems through an extensible syntax and robust toolkit for linear algebra; used extensively across fields like natural language processing robotics making it an attractive candidate for AI development projects.

4. Competitive Rates

Mexico offers highly affordable talent rates. According to Codifin, an organization connecting tech talent in Latin America with remote jobs, an intermediate software developer typically makes less than a third of what their US equivalent would make Mexico an excellent location for nearshore IT recruitment.

The nation's robust educational system produces an abundant supply of talented IT graduates. By investing time and resources in local universities and tech communities, using job boards dedicated to IT jobs, and prioritizing technical assessments you can tap into this talent pool.

Coding assessments and other unbiased tests can also be a useful way to screen candidates and make sure they meet your hiring and onboarding criteria, potentially saving both time and money in the hiring and onboarding process. By investing the effort now, this could save both companies money in hiring and onboarding costs later.

Many Mexican developers work for global tech companies, leading to the establishment of IT hubs in cities like Monterrey and Guadalajara known for offering top-quality software development services.

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