Understanding Personnel Training: What You Need to Know

March 30, 2023

Staff training is the process of orienting and educating employees in the workplace. In many cases, this form of training is associated with entry-level education that helps prepare new employees for the job they are about to do. At other times, staff training involves continuing education or remedial opportunities for long-term employees.

In either case, personnel engaged in the task of personnel management and training typically develop training policies and procedures. The nature of a corporate staff training program will vary, depending on the function and purpose of the business. For example, a conference call office would typically have a formal training period for new hires for positions such as customer service representatives or conference operators.

In a textile company, the training focuses more on operating specific machines in the plant. The underlying objective of this type of training is to ensure that each employee has what he needs to successfully manage the responsibilities associated with the position he will eventually fill. Although most of the actual training focuses on the tasks that each employee will perform, general information about the company is also provided. Staff training programs typically include sessions in which new hires receive information on the company's background, the company's goals and mission statement, and general information on relevant company policies and procedures.

This type of information helps employees know in advance how to deal with almost anything, from how to change pay withholdings to the process to follow when requesting time off.

Not all staff training is done at the time of hire. Many companies also offer continuing education opportunities for long-term employees. Training sessions of this type may include pre-orientation related to new products or operational changes that will affect how those employees perform their daily tasks.

In some cases, such as ongoing sales training, the goal may be to introduce salespeople to new techniques or technologies that will help them in their efforts to win more business for the company.

Remedial training is also a common form of staff training.

This type of training is often used to try to save an employee who is having trouble fulfilling her responsibilities. The idea is to provide the employee every opportunity to become more competent in performing those responsibilities, thus protecting the investment the company has already made in the individual.

While large companies often have their staff training program, smaller ones may choose to outsource these functions. Corporate trainers can design a workable training program that is delivered when and how the company needs this service. Trainers sometimes charge an hourly rate, while others charge a flat rate for an entire training period.