Difference between recruitment and selection of personnel


What is the difference between recruitment and selection? Although the terms recruitment and personnel selection are often confused, and many people think they are the same thing, when, they are two different parts of one big process: the recruitment of personnel for a company.

Both phases are closely related and complement each other, because first the recruitment stage is carried out and, based on the information gathered, the personnel selection is made.

What is recruitment?

Recruitment is part of the process carried out by a company to fill the vacancy or vacancies available in its work team. In this initial stage of the recruitment process, an open search for candidates is carried out to fill a job position in the short term.

Once the specific needs of each vacancy are identified (such as schedules, professional profile, activities to be performed, salary, and labor benefits), its characteristics are disclosed through different media and digital platforms through which it will be possible to start receiving resumes from applicants.

Generally, job search websites are used that have databases of professionals who register their CVs, such as OCC or Computrabajo. In addition, young talent can be contacted through university job boards, and can even be posted on social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

In a few words, through recruitment, you can attract candidates with interest and availability to collaborate within the company and organization.

How is recruitment carried out in a company?

After recruitment comes personnel selection, a stage in which Human Resources (HR) personnel analyze the resumes received after announcing the vacancy or vacancies available in the company. The objective of this process is to identify the candidates they consider most suitable for the company.

There are various human resources techniques to analyze the profile of the applicants and verify the level of compatibility with the company's values and objectives, as well as their compliance with the requirements defined for the job. After choosing the most suitable CVs, the selection of personnel continues through several stages, such as:

Phone call: the HR team contacts the selected candidates to confirm their availability, verify their data, provide more detailed information about the job position, and schedule a face-to-face meeting.

Interview with the Human Resources area: this is the first face-to-face contact between recruiters and candidates. At this stage, recruitment specialists ask strategic questions to get to know the job applicants better, allowing them to identify their strengths, interests, and knowledge, as well as areas for improvement.

Tests: there are psychometric tests to know the cognitive processes of the candidates, as well as their aptitudes, logical capacity, and verbal or numerical reasoning. These can be applied in person or online, utilizing software that tests personality, language skills, or general and technical knowledge to know if they are the most suitable for the position they are applying for.

Group dynamics: help to observe the behavior of the candidates when working in a team to know their communication skills and aspects such as frustration tolerance, and competitiveness, among others.

Codifin: specialists in recruiting and selecting programmers

Codifin has positioned itself as one of the best companies in Mexico for the recruitment and selection of personnel in information technology (IT) and programmers.

To achieve this, we use artificial intelligence and e-learning platforms to attract, select and develop candidates with the best profiles. The chosen candidates can work independently or be part of a client's workforce.

As part of the process, we train them with specialized courses to certify them as full-stack engineers, which provides them with the necessary tools to design, test and implement various software applications and become excellent professionals with the best job performance.

We are the answer for digital growth

Codifin solves innovatively the need that companies must recruit personnel dedicated to systems development, that is, those profiles that are specialized in coding, design, and creation of applications and software, among others.

This profile of professionals specializes in various areas, such as:

·  Design and development of computer programs.

·  Development and updating of applications, mobile apps, and programs.

·  Administration of information systems and networks.

·  Creation of software for a company.


Codifin's goal is to meet the high demand for basic programmers that have not been met through traditional channels. We invest in their training with the latest technology so that they can be placed in jobs related to their knowledge in companies that require growth within the digital industry.

Contact us and learn more about our work and everything we can do to help your company grow.